Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Sweeeet Home (ii)

Tonight i wanna share with ya'll a quick, healthy and delicious recipe

Fried/Grill Fish

-1 slice of fish meat (Vertical cut-any fish, don't really matter, just make sure its the right cut)
-Corn flour
-Cooking oil (duh)

Marinate the fish with pepper(1/4 teaspoon), salt(1/4 teaspoon) and some corn flour(1/4 teaspoon) 
*Corn flour actually makes the cooking process alot comfortable, without much oil shoot out(can't find a better word to describe it) while frying any kind of fish.

1. Heat up the frying pan
2. Put alot of oil in to, about50-60ml 
3. Let the pan heat up first *Frying fish secret technique-(1)Alot of oil (2)The pan is hot, i mean VERY hot OR the fish will stick to the pan, messy!
4. Put the fish into the pan, let it cook for 1 min before u flip to the other side
5. Place a slice of butter onto the fish and let the butter melts and sticks to the fish, for a buttery taste and awesome aroma
6. Serve and enjoy~


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who says college students cant cook?!

Who says we cant cook?!?! 

I'll show ya some proof!

My friend Esther (and her friends), who is in Northumbria University, Newcastle upon tyne, UK, always cook (duh) for parties! (they claim that they do all these when they go crazy, new tips in releasing stress folks).

Idiot guide to pro chef
-Rush into the supermarket
-Buy some marinated mutton, chicken drumsticks, well-packed vegetable salad, spaghetti sauce, pasta, alot of fries
-Google/Youtube on the way to cook em!
-Brag bout learning it since young to your friends after its done! 

Home Sweeeet Home

Hate to boast but my family members sure are born cooks~

From my grandma to my mum, my aunt and now; ME =]

Well, first i would like to introduce:

Homemade lamb

-Ingredients: Marinate with
BBQ sauce
sugar & salt

-Pan fry for 5 mins, keep flipping every 30 seconds


Potato salad

-First make sure its BABY potato (the small ones)
-Then clean it up REALLY thoroughly (cause your gonna eat it together with the skin)
-Boil it till its soft (use a fork to poke them to make sure)
-Put them in a bowl and mix them with mayonnaise, pepper, sugar, salt and lemon extract.


Turkey salad

2 eggs (sliced)
Some sliced turkey meat (christmas leftover =p)
-Mix them up with Thousand Island



Well well, you can choose not to believe this but its all made by ME! gagaga! =] (its in my stomach now. Incase u wanna check gimme a call, before i flush em)

*PS: Special thanks to Aunt Rina, she's the sifu actually, i just follow orders

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Talipon Restaurant

New year new beginning

Just came home from the monstrous jam caused by on-lookers - fireworks, what else could it be?
Hell, of course i did not go for any new year countdown!

Just imagine, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-omg, its gonna jam after this 3 seconds-2-1 "Happy JAMMING your way home!"



Talipon Restaurant
-BBQ & steamboat based kinda food
-DIY, buffet
-The restaurant is spacious, with round tables, not sure if there is an air-conditioner there or not (makes no difference with all the heat though)
-Price: 20-30ish
-Steamboat on the top, pan for u to grill/fry/whatever you call it at the side of it
-Something like that:

I went to the one in Cheras, heard that there is another branch in Kelana Jaya, after Google-ing it, found out that they have alot of branches, even in Setapak.

After all the oil and smoke flooding you, your stomach's gonna scream for ice-cream/any other types of desserts!

RATING: 6/10